What is Procrastination and how to replace it with action.

I will just get it done tomorrow, Today is not the best time. It’s so easy to say things like this to ourselves and put off the work we really need to do in order to achieve a goal or complete any task. Procrastination is the killer of productivity and the major roadblock to success and accomplishment.

We all are very familiar with procrastination and how it leads us to major failures in our life and yet we fail to learn from it.

You know you have to act right now and yes let me tell you also know all the steps you have to take,but still when it comes down to taking action,The best thing we are capable of doing is “procrastinate”.We score 100/100 on procrastination at some point of our life.

mind of a procrastinator.
Mind of a procrastinator.

But it should not always be like that and it’s better to be aware and change it as soon as we can,as “short term pleasure can turn to long term pain”.

And I do hope you don’t want that,so let’s wrestle procrastination and let’s pin it down.I am here to help,trust me,you will soon find out why.

Understanding procrastination.

Let me give something to you right away,”the first step towards solving a problem is to understand the problem”.So,what is procrastination?.

Procrastination is the act of putting things off,or not doing something which needs to be done in order to accomplish a goal.It best relates to sentences like I will do it later, or Now is not the right time to do it.

From tomorrow on wards I’m gonna work on myself and improve myself,I will live my life to the fullest but only form tomorrow,Today’s let me just think about it,let me just watch videos about it,or read about it.

Thoughts like these dwell on the mind of a procrastinator.You definitely know how to find a procrastinator by now. Just give a quick check on your thoughts.

Do thoughts like these fill your mind?If yes then ,read the full article dear,you won’t regret it.

For further understanding of procrastination,let’s check synonyms of procrastination.

Ladies and gentlemen,Synonyms for procrastination include:

  • Postpone.
  • Prolong.
  • Hold off.
  • suspend.
  • loiter.

There is more but it’s the best.Now moving to antonyms of procrastination.

  • Carry out.
  • Go.
  • Complete.
  • Do.
  • Go ahead.

Just looking at these antonyms of procrastination,you get a very clear picture of what procrastination is not,which is going to be of help in tackling this issue of procrastination.

If you made it till this section,let me be the bearer of good news to you about what you have achieved till now.

You have understood what procrastination is ,and yes some good synonyms and antonyms for your vocabulary.Much of a accomplishment right.

Definitions are awesome,but let’s address the real problem.

Why we procrastinate.

“In the beginning,the mind said..let procrastination be a act and soon enough procrastination became a habit.”


The quote says it all still let me clarify.Procrastination at first is just an act but later it turns to a habit.What I mean by this is every new thing or anything we do for the first time is just an act, but if we take action on an act consistently it soon becomes a habit and habits stay for some time until we decide to kick them out of our life.

If you procrastinate too much too often,like everyday,it’s just not an act it’s a habit you have formed overtime and it might be hard but it’s changeable. And we will talk about how you can do so.

So getting to the beginning,why we procrastinate too often.Before writing this post I did a little research on the topic and I have found some unique shareable wisdom from a man called “James clear”,which is going to be great use to us on this subject “why we procrastinate”.

According to James clear “We have two selves the present self and the future self,when we make plans for the future we see from the eyes of the future self. The future self sees value and rewards in accomplishing long term goals.But the present self sees value in instant gratification. As you can clearly see there is a constant conflict going on between the present self and the future self.As the future self cant come and take action,the present self is the king of the moment and we are likely to what we are good at,that is go for instant gratification.”

The good news is we can break the pattern and come out of the loop and the bad news is it’s hard as always and you need self discipline and great effort.

The above perspective on procrastination is by a man who studies habit,now let’s look at why we procrastinate from different perspectives”.

This perspective is form a Indian mystic,a yogi Sadhguru.

Sadhguru,the founder of Isha Yoga center speaks about why we procrastinate to a student who asks sadhguru the question on why we procrastinate.

Sadhguru as always,throws knowledge bombs,which no doubt can bring insane clarity to your life.Here is Sadhguru’s take on why we procratinate.

“If you are doing something you are really in love with ,will you prepone or postpone it?What If there is love in the air will you prepone or postpone it?If you are doing something you really love,you are always going to do it anyway.The key is to take up anything you do as love affair.”

Most of the time we are doing things we don’t really want to do.Which in turn makes us unhappy and discontent.The idea is to do anything we take up as a love affair.

It’s not easy to fall in love with everything we do,and it’s really hard to find what we truly love.But sometimes looking at what we dont want to do is the best route to discover what we love.

So here is a simple exercise you can use to find out what you don’t love in order to find out what you love.

  • Take a pen and paper.
  • List down all the things you don’t like or love to do.
  • Provide reason why you don’t want to do.
  • Write down what you want to do after you complete the above steps.
  • Take action.

The other reason why we procrastinate is because we live life very unconsciously. We take mortality for granted.

Tell me how honestly do you think about your death.Sounds horrible and I imagine you do so very often or never.

But you should because it’s going to help.Thinking you are going to leave this earth sooner or later very seriously,you tend to give a wake up attack to your mind.

There are numerous cases of people who come out of dangerous accident alive,changing their views and ideas about life forever.

The goal is to bring certain amount of awareness to your life about your mortality,that you are here for some amount of time and it’s all that you have,what you choose to do with it is a decision you have to make.

The idea is not to get into a real life taking accident,there are safer ways too which without delaying any further is “Meditation”.With daily meditation you are mindful of your life and activities you do,helping you make good decisions and be active in your tasks.

How to replace procrastination with action.

The first step to replace procrastination with action is starting to be aware.Bring certain amount of awareness in your life.Reflect upon how you have conducted your life till now and take lessons from it.

The steps only work if you immensely want to change your life,your situation.If you have true commitment towards change.the next step is what i call trick the trickster.

Trick the trickster(mind).

As James Clear says we have two selves the present and the future self.Trick the present self by giving yourself some rewards after completing a task or achieving your goals.

This helps you to achieve your goals as well as receive instant gratification by giving yourself a reward.The small goals or task you achieve are like mini confidence and self esteem booster.

You are more likely to take on another goal after you have taken down a small goal already.Slowly you set yourself into a momentum and once the momentum is there it longer becomes hard and procrastination slowly goes down.

The next technique is called the “Pomodoro technique“,pomodoro means tomato in Italy.It was discovered by Francesco Cerillo in the late 1980.

The Pomodoro technique.

Pomodoro technique is a time management technique.The technique if rightly used can help you get into momentum of taking actions.

Once your mind gets accustomed to taking actions and starts to feel good by accomplishing certain goals,you are more motivated to do other tasks in your life.

So now how to use the technique?

Application of pomodoro technique is very simple:

  1. Choose a task you want to accomplish.
  2. Work on the task for 25 minutes,a very short period of time indeed.
  3. Take a short break.
  4. Put yourself once again to the task for 25 minutes.
  5. Take a little longer break.
  6. Get back to task.

Two things start to happen by following this technique.To sit and work on a goal for 25 minutes seems easy and I think you can use your will power to start task just for 25 minutes.

The second thing is after completing the task for 25 minutes and taking a break gives you a sense of accomplishment.This will provide your mind with dopamine by actually doing something important to you.

You very well know how it feels to take down a task even for 25 minutes and once you fall in this process of doing important task to get that dopamine effect,guess what happens.The answer is simple you would obviously want more.

You are now officially replacing procrastination with action.

Procrastination a personal encounter and how I Knocked it down.

I have been a victim of procrastination for over a year.Delaying task is one of the things i enjoyed a lot.

I wasted an entire year feeding my trickster mind with instant gratification instead of delayed gratification. Plus I did not even complete a single important task which I needed to do.

Putting things off and delaying important task made me have lower self esteem and It felt really horrible to be living lie that.

One day I just decided it needs to change and I decided to go for a meditation course which in itself is a very different story and maybe I will let you know one day.

It was a 10 day Vipassana course and after those 10 days I was aware about a whole lot of things on my life.That awareness has been with me till now as i practice meditation daily.

My productivity has gone up and I procrastinate very less.On the journey of me beating procrastination I also stumbled upon a very good book just about beating procrastination.

It helped me a lot too to understand procrastination and how I can turn things around.

It’s been a year since these events and as I look at my life now I see that I indeed turned things around.

The name of the book is “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy,It’s very good read.

The book is of great help to understand procrastination and stop procrastinating.

Buy the book directly from the link above.

I recommend the book to only those people who are willing to take action.If you don’t set yourself to action even god can’t help you.

Don’t buy this book if you just want to read it for intellectual entertainment,the book is only for people who seriously want to change the direction of their life and are willing to get into action.

Always remember: “Action always beats inaction.”


Procrastination is something everyone encounters once in their life.It’s nothing to worry about if it’s little but it’s something that can wreck your life if it is all you mostly do.

You can turn the table around , it will take time but it’s better to get started on it “NOW”.

If you have been a master procrastinator,how did you beat it?what steps did you take?

Feel free to share your insights in the comment box.

Share it on social media, show some love. Don’t procrastinate on this one. Cheers.


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