What is Meditation:Techniques,Benefits And How to for Beginners.

Buddhist Monk on deep Meditation

Meditation is a technique, a process of calming your noisy mind using different meditation techniques which if practiced properly will give very good benefits to your life.

But the key thing to know about meditation before actually putting it into practice is you need to have patience. Best results always take time.

As a beginner you might think meditation is a difficult thing to do but the truth is it’s not. It’s like eating your food ,every one can do that right!!

TIP: As you read, start paying attention to your breath.

Meditation is not a goal to be achieved but rather think of it as a journey of discovering yourself.Right mindset toward meditation will highly impact your progress in the meditative journey that you are about to embark on.

Before learning how to meditate, you should know about the different techniques of meditation which are as follows;

Breathing Meditation

I hope you like stories because i am gonna tell one to make you understand the breathing meditation technique;

Gautama The Buddha once asked his disciples “what is life”?The disciples answered in all sorts of philosophical manners but The Buddha agreed to none.

At last The Buddha after hearing the answers of his disciples answered “life is but a breath“.

Knowing your breath is the first step.

Breathing Meditation is the meditation technique in which you pay attention to your breath. It’s the most common form of meditation. This meditation technique helps you gain concentration.Your mind starts to calm down as you put your attention to your in going breath and outgoing breath. This is the best meditation technique for beginners.

Meditation Fact:As you start being aware of your breath you will notice that your outgoing breath is warmer than in going breath:

Visualization Meditation

The Visualization meditation technique requires you to visualize about something. Like putting your focus on visualizing about how you want to achieve your goals, how you want to rise from your present situation to a better one.Visualization meditation technique is a best way of meditation that you can use for setting your goals.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation involves in following a set of instructions and following it accordingly. You can find lot’s of Resources online to practice this form of Meditation.Here are few links :Headspace.com

Mindfulness Meditation

This meditation technique is all about bringing your mind to the present moment, being mindful of any activity that you are doing is mindfulness meditation.

Example: While reading this be aware of your thoughts, your body ,your breath,watch your thoughts and just be present in the moment.

Through practicing this meditation technique you can bring your mind to be fully present in the moment.It requires daily practice and patience.

There are many other forms of meditation like Grounding meditation,mantra meditation and many more.

As a beginner these meditation techniques are the best to start with.

Meditation steps for Beginners

Find a quiet,silent place where no body is going to disturb you for sometime.

All you require is a cushion or a yoga mat or if you tend to have back problems a comfortable chair.

Now take your seat and follow the following steps carefully:

  1. Sit comfortably with eyes closed and keep your spine straight.
  2. Relax your body and mind
  3. Take few deep breaths: inhale and exhale
  4. Come back to your normal breathing
  5. Observe your natural breathe
  6. Be aware of every inhalation and exhalation
  7. keep observing your breath and be aware of all your thoughts
  8. Don’t react towards your thoughts
  9. Think of each thought as a passing cloud
  10. Do this for any amount of time you feel comfortable with.

You can meditate any at any time that you are comfortable with but morning hour meditation would be really good as it would help you maintain positive attitude towards your day

Daily Meditation can do wonders in changing your life.

Benefits of Daily Meditation

  1. Improves concentration: You can be more productive with good focus.
  2. Reduces stress: As your mind starts to calm down, the stress level starts to go down accordingly.
  3. Gain more clarity.
  4. Anxiety levels drop down
  5. Energy level improves.
  6. Better thinking habits.

The list could go on and on but i have kept the best one for the last



Meditation is all about calming your mind and it’s not difficult to start with.You could start with any technique that i have mentioned yet the best would be to follow how to meditate for beginners that i mentioned above.

Extra Knowledge to keep you motivated in your meditative journey:

Siddhartha Gautama became an enlightened being (The Buddha).He attained the highest form of Buddha hood by practicing meditation.

And after his enlightenment,out of pure compassion he taught the same meditation technique which was and is called VIPASSANA MEDITATION.

You too have a little Buddha within you,you just seem to have forgotten it.Take the inner journey and rediscover your own Buddha hood.

Here’s a quick question!!

Are you willing to walk on the path of self discovery through daily meditation??

DO leave a comment below.

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