What is Vipassana Meditation: Vipassana Retreats and Benefits For Beginners.

Vipassana meditation practice
Vipassana meditation.

Vipassana meditation is the meditation of gaining insight,you can learn the technique at a Vipassana center.For beginners,it’s a 10 day retreat. Vipassana meditation helps you see the truth as it is.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the topic!!

What is Vipassana Meditation.

Vipassana means to see things as they are or to see with special insight. It is a form of insight meditation.The meditation technique is very scientific and logical,unlike other meditation techniques.

Vipassana centers all around the world still teach the technique in the form of a 10 days course.

Vipassana meditation history.

Rediscovered by Siddhartha GautamaThe Buddha”,the technique is very ancient.

Many centuries after the death of Buddha the technique got lost from India.The discourses were there,but the actual technique was lost.

But fortunately, Burma the capital of Myanmar had preserved the technique in it’s pure form.The technique was passed on from teacher to student and finally on 1969 ,Sn Goenka a Vipassana teacher came to India to teach Vipassana to his ill mother.Shortly after that Dhamma spread like wildfire.

You maybe wondering where you can learn the technique as a beginner,well i have got you covered.

Vipassana Meditation Technique Overview

To actually learn and practice Vipassana,You require to attend a 10 day vipassana course at a Vipassana meditation center.This meditation technique is quite different from other meditation techniques.

A well trained teacher must be available to guide you in the right path.As there are high chances of losing track of actual technique,you are very susceptible to harming yourself.

However,I will let you know the basic Vipassana technique or course overview.

The 10 day course focuses on 3 sections:

  1. Anna panna meditation.
  2. Vipassana meditation.
  3. Metta Bhavana meditation.

Anna Panna meditation is a form of meditation in which you observe your natural breath to gain a certain level of awareness or say concentration.The anna panna meditation technique is taught for 3 days.

The anna panna meditation helps you achieve concentration or stillness of mind,which will help you in the actual practice of Vipassana meditation.

On day 4 of the course,the teacher gives you the actual technique of vipassana meditation.After you gain a certain level of awareness or concentration, you start experiencing or feeling sensations in your body.

Vipassana technique of meditation requires you to be aware of your sensation and watch it without generating craving or aversion towards the sensations.

Sensation is any thing that you feel on your body ,it could be sweat,heat cold,pain etc.Sensations can be painful,pleasurable or neutral.The task is to watch it without having a felling of hatred or anger towards the painful ones and without having clinging or greed for the pleasurable one’s.

No matter what sensations you feel, don’t react to it.Learn to be equanimous with each sensations you come across.

And the equanimity you develop, will give you insight and wisdom starts arising.The rise of wisdom is the death of ignorance.

But how does one develop equanimity by watching sensation?

Well,by understanding and experiencing the nature of each sensation,you will learn to be more equanimous. The nature of sensations is impermanence(annica),it’s constantly changing.

And the third and closing part of Vipassana is “metta bhavana” meditation or meditation of loving kindness or sharing one’s merits.You receive this technique on the 10th day.

At the 10 day,if you do your Vipassana course well than you are likely to feel very peaceful and loving.The mind by the 10 day becomes pure and you feel like sharing this message to everyone you come across with.

You share your merits by the practice of metta bhavana.

You can break the noble silence after the session of metta bhavana.

Vipassana Meditation centers.

94 countries in the world have Vipassana centers.So you don’t need to worry too much finding one that is suitable for you.

The best solution to finding a vipassana Center is checking in Dhamma.org.It’s the official website for Vipassana. You can find Vipassana courses and centers in your region there.

Another option is using google search and typing in Vipassana centers near me in the search bar.You will find the result with the blink of an eye.

Vipassana 10 day Retreats.

To learn the technique you need to go for a 10 day course often called a 10 day retreat.

The most fascinating thing about a 10 day vipassana retreat is you must keep your mouth shut for 10 days and you are not even allowed to talk using gestures.

You have to follow certain rules while you participate in the course:

  1. No intoxication of any kind.
  2. You will abstain from killing.
  3. Noble silence.
  4. Celibacy.
  5. No stealing.

You require a lot of time to truly understand the technique.Therefore the time schedule is very strict.

You spend most of your time in the practice which as beginner seems tough,but it’s easy to get use to it.

The center serves only veg food.

You have to be well prepared to take the most of your 10 days retreat.And checking out this ultimate guide to prepare yourself for your 10 days retreat is definitely going to be of great help.

There are many other things but i don’t want to spoil your first vipassana retreat.It’s a wonderful experience.

Benefits of vipassana meditation.

Vipassana Meditation is a very wonderful technique to learn.

If you practice in the correct way you see the benefits at the end of 10 days course or even sooner.

It depends on the time and quality of effort.

“Vipassana is the art of living”

Sn goenka

Vipassana helps you in many ways in personal as well as professional life.These are the results I have received after doing Vipassana,and if you do it right, the same and more benefits are your’s to claim.

  • Calm mind
  • You become compassionate
  • You become very relaxed
  • Depression cures
  • Low anxieties
  • You make Better Decisions
  • Quality of your sleep Increases
  • Less reactive and more Proactive
  • High concentration.

These benefits are just the by products , there is much more to the technique than just these little benefits.

If you really interested in practicing Vipassana Meditation I highly recommend that you should go for a 10 days retreat.

Best location for Vipassana Meditation (My choice)

Have you heard of sikkim!!

if not than add it on your must travel to bucket list: It’s heavenly:

There are two Vipassana meditation center in sikkim

  1. Dhamma sikkim
  2. Dhamma sineru

I usually go to Dhamma sineru for my 10 Day retreat as it is in a very wonderful location. The center there is engulfed by nature.

The peacefulness of the place and the beautiful views makes it really a wonderful location.

Here’s a quick question!!

Have you taken a 10 day vipassana course ?

How was it like?

leave the answer in the comment !!

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