The Ultimate Guide to prepare yourself for your 10 Day Vipassana Retreat

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Vipassana Meditation is one of the most ancient technique which is still taught in vipassana centers in different countries.

To learn this technique you have apply for a 10 day vipassana retreat or course.

10 days is not a joke !!

The course is structured such that it requires minimum 10 days to get a grasp at this meditation technique.

it’s a huge amount of time and it’s better to plan and prepare beforehand to make the most out of it.

So let’s get started !!!

1.Choosing The Right Meditation Center

This is the first step and most of us neglect it.

You have to choose a center that is suitable for you.

Here are few things to know before choosing any center:

  1. Check the location first.
  2. Check the local surroundings.
  3. know about the environment of the location
  4. Quick research on the weather
  5. Make sure the center location offers quiet and peaceful surroundings.

After doing the required research and if it matches your requirements choose the center.

TIP: It’s a lot better if you choose a center that is filled with blooming nature around it.

Once you have selected the center fill out your registration form.

You can look and search for location and courses using

2.Applying online for the course.

You have to apply and fill out a registration form to participate in the 10 day vipassana retreat.

You can go through and fill out the necessary details.

It takes some time for your form to be approved ,be patient.

The most important thing to keep in mind while you fill out the form is not to lie about anything.

The input you have provided in the form will be seen by the teacher during the course session.

And accordingly , the teacher will be able to provide proper guidance during your stay at the meditation center.

Your approval will be sent via email that you have provided, be patient and keep checking .

It may pop up any time!!

3.Go through the rules:

Most people don’t make the most out of the 10 day retreat simply because they don’t go through the rules provided by the center.

Going through the rules and understanding them will help you be geared mentally.

Most people quit the course simply because they can’t follow the rules of the center.

The rules may be intimidating at the first but if you have idea about it beforehand you can cope with it during your course.

The most difficult and important rule is “NOBLE SILENCE”.

You have to keep your mouth shut for 10 days and you aren’t allowed to make gestures to other meditators.

Now that you know the rule before leaving for the course you can practice it beforehand for some time.

It’s really helpful if you practice for short amounts of time at home.

There are many rules but this one is important and what most people find difficult.

From my own experience , Following the rules properly helps your meditation.

4. Practicing the rules beforehand

This is the one step that if you implement you are not going to regret.

These are the few rules that you can implement right away :

1.Start waking up at 4 AM

The meditation centers have their own time schedules and during your 10 day course you have to wake up at 4 AM.

The meditation starts from 4.30 AM.

So if you are a late riser, get yourself to practice on waking up a little early.

Morning meditations are the most fruitful and many entrepreneurs practice this habit.

2. Reduce the use of intoxicants

If you don’t have any addiction than this rule is not for you.

This rule is for those who keep using intoxicants and are addicted to it.

The centers don’t allow the use of intoxicants.

If you have such habits then it better to start keep a check on your consumption.

It’s even better if you stop using it completely before going for the course.

Use of intoxicants will effect your meditation and progress.

3. Keep yourself self away from your smartphones and laptops

Start developing this habit , it will not only be helpful for the course but it’s beneficial for the long run too.

You won’t have any access to books , smartphones , laptops etc in the center .

Just practice this habit for some time.

Don’t be distracted by these electronics. Develop a sense of self control.

These steps will help a lot …

Moving on!!

5.Packing your stuffs.

on a long journey even a straw weighs heavy
quote:“on a long journey even a straw weighs heavy”

It’s important you take the necessary items and not the unnecessary.

Pick the proper clothes!!

Take something that is comfortable like yoga pants ,track suits.

It important that you be comfortable while you sit for meditation.

Take at least 3 pairs.

If the location of the center is somewhere cool than make sure you take warm clothes, shawls etc.

What i mean to say is pick something simple and comfortable and yes according to the weather of that place.

you don’t want to end up without warm clothes in a cold place!!

Make sure you do the proper research about that place and choose your clothes.

The other essential items are:

  1. torch lights
  2. medicines : if you have been prescribed by your doctor
  3. water bottles
  4. slippers

That’s pretty much about packing.

Feel free to add anything as per your requirements.

5.Getting Geared Up Mentally

After all the rules and packing , it’s time you actually get geared up mentally.

The key thing towards getting geared up mentally is asking whether you actually want this or not.

If the answer is yes practice the rules mentioned above.

Your mind will start adapting slowly and when you go to the center it won’t get overwhelmed.

If you have second thoughts than it’s better you cancel before rather than leaving midway during the course.

6.Letting Go

This is the one step i love the most and here’s why:

Forget about everything , drop all your pre assumptions about the technique.

You may have heard other’s share their experiences and their ideas about the technique, drop it all.

Go as if you are empty.

nothing can be poured in a filled vessel
quote:“nothing can be poured in a filled vessel”

Let go of your worries and tensions and just trust your decision, it’s the best thing you can do.

Don’t expect anything special , don’t hover your thoughts on this may happen and that may happen.

It will ruin it all.

“Just go”

If you are expecting something you will miss the whole point of this beautiful technique.

Though it’s hard not to expect anything , still try it.


Vipassana meditation technique is a very beautiful technique that if you learn and practice it properly ,it will do wonders in your life.

The 10 day vipassana retreat will prove very beneficial for you if you are willing and dedicated to put in the efforts.

cheers to your 10 days retreat!!

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  1. Thank you for the insight. I will be attending the 10 days course in a few days.
    I have difficulty sitting down for a long time. Will there be a meditation chair provided?


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