Top 5 quotes from the book Awaken the giant within.

Quotes play a very important part in our daily life, especially in my own life quotes have helped me a lot to develop inspiration or be it motivation during times of distress and hardships.Quotes are by very nature meditative.

There is always something magical about a good quote, it always provides you with something beautiful that lingers with for the rest of the day for some and for some the magic of that single quote just stays forever.

I had been reading this book called Awaken the giant within by Anthony Robbins and no doubt the book is inspiring and knowledgeable, the best part i found really great was that most of the chapters began with a quote.

And I handpicked some of them that I felt really beautiful to ponder upon.

Go ahead……

Quotes from the book Awaken the giant within.


Research says that our mind is a thinking machine and the thoughts are pretty much spread in random direction. It takes up all our mental energy. The only thing we can do is to give direction to the mind on what type of thought it should think. Here is why quotes play a vital role , it gives your mind a proper direction to think.

The energy that once got wasted in random and useless thoughts can be directed towards something productive by letting the mind ponder upon powerful thoughts.

You are what you think of most of the time, internal well being= external well being.It’s simple as that.

Take hold of the thoughts you think , that’s the number one step towards a better you.Thoughts are powerful and your thoughts and thinking pattern decides how your life is going to be like.

The moment you start changing your thinking patterns with consistent effort change starts to take place.

And the beginning is always the difficult part but not impossible, start by giving your mind a better thought to think and wonder upon.

The mind will keep on thinking , so why not let it think great thoughts?

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