Time management tips to achieve your goals faster.

“Time Management” is a process of dividing your time into small slots and planning out what you want to achieve in that small slot. Good time management enables you to be more productive and achieve more of your goals.In the same way Bad time management leads to stress, frustration and failure.

We all get the same 24 hours in a day and yet there are people who achieve more than us why? The answer is better time management.

The great achievers know how to manage their time efficiently. And you can also learn the skill of time management by using the time management tips or techniques mentioned in this post.

What is Time Management?

Time management is having a clear picture on how you are going to invest your time in specific activities. But it does not just stop there. Now comes the part when you have to take action.

“Plan out your work and work out your plan”

Swami chinmayananda

People use time in two major ways: constructively or destructively. Constructive use of time leads to success, fulfillment, happiness and destructive use of time leads to failure,stress and loss of productivity.

Mind map for time management.
A simple time management mind map.

Personalities such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bozos and many other use time very constructively and as a matter of fact they are very successful.

Constructive use of time is what you must learn to achieve your goals faster.And time management is the first skill you must learn to start using your time constructively.

Why learn time management skills?

My “why” won’t be answer your “why” but if want to :

  • Achieve more in less time.
  • Be more productive.
  • Feel stress free.
  • Get things done faster.
  • Make more money.
  • Feel fulfilled.
  • Conquer your dreams.
  • Be a bad ass at what you do.
  • All these are benefits of time management.

If you desire the above listed things out of your life than you have answered why learn time management skills.

What is not time management?

Before moving to the techniques of time management we must understand what time management is not.

  • Time management is not forcing yourself to complete any tasks, it will make you stressful and your productivity level starts to drop when you perform under stress.
  • Time management is not about cutting off from the world, your family or friends just to complete your work , it will create a dis balance in your life.
  • It is not easy to begin with for a undisciplined mind.

Best Time Management Tips that works

“The first step towards greatness is always the most difficult but the also the most important”

1.Organize your 24 hours according to your task or goals.

The first step to manage your time well is to organize your day. Yes simple as that and yet we are so ignorant we don’t give much priority to organize our day.

Here is an example:

It is very much common in Schools, the day is organized in such a way that each period lasts for about 40 or 50 minutes and each period is assigned a different subject.

Throughout the day you learn 8 different subjects and if the teacher is good at explaining than at the end of the day you have gathered good knowledge.Once you take a look at the notes you have gathered you are likely to remember everything.

That is how important role organizing your day plays in your life and productivity.

Organizing your day is like having a time table to stick to.

TIP: You don’t need to force yourself to stick to it instead you must have a flexible approach.

The Chanakya method of time management.

Chanakya was the man behind kings yes he was the king maker. He was a thinker and strategist behind the great Indian kings .Not only that He was a very good educator and visionary. He left for the world great books like Chanakya Neeti and Ashtrashastra.

Chanakya had strict rules for the king and one of the rules is on time management. So Lets have a look at how Chanakya way of time management.

Chanakya divided the day in 8 parts and the night in eight parts. Each time slot being 90 minutes each.

And likewise in every 90 minutes time slot the king was assigned a different task he had to complete.

Research today says that we can concentrate on a particular task for 90 minutes if our mind is disciplined and if not the span of our concentration can be less than 30 minutes.

It seems to me as chanakya was way ahead of his time. And to begin with time management you can start by using this very time management method.

How to implement time management strategy given by chanakya?

  • Start by diving the day and night into 8 parts each.
  • Assign the goals you wish to accomplish withing that time frame.
  • Be flexible in your approach.
  • Switch between different tasks and time slots to find your productive peak.

2. Prioritize your task.

Prioritizing your task will help you boost your productivity.The key to prioritizing tasks depends on four major factors.

Lets have a look a those factors:

  1. Task which is urgent.
  2. Which is important.
  3. Which is important and urgent
  4. Neither important nor urgent.

Now have a look at the goals you want to accomplish and cross check them on the basis of priority. You will certainly find out what needs to be done at the moment.

Along the way remember:

“Always Being busy does not necessarily mean you are being productive.”

3.Set deadlines and rewards.

It’s easy to slack off sometimes and be easy on ourselves. And sometimes we overdo it which leads to unfulfilled task or goals at hand.

To avoid that from happening we must set deadlines and rewards. The greater advantage of setting deadlines and accomplishing goals in that deadline boosts self confidence. A great plus point.

Your mind starts to get disciplined in that process.

4.Cut off the distractions please.

Whether you are aware of it or not but your concentration and focus is deteriorated because of your mind being in a habit of constant distraction. Distraction is like cancer on your journey to being productive.

Whenever you sit to accomplish a task make sure to cut away all the distractions.

You can use time management devices to keep track of yourself like rescue time or Toggl.

5. Be focused.Be determined.

Have you watched the movie john Wick chapter 1 ? Remember when Viggo Tarasov scolds his son for killing john Wicks dog and stealing his car? Here is what Viggo actually says to his son about John Wick:

“John is a man of focus, a man of sheer will and determination,something you know nothing about”


That’s exactly what I’m talking about here “Focus and determination”. You won’t travel far without focus. Develop it.

Get the attitude of being focused at what ever you set out to do and still remember to be flexible.

6. Keep reviewing yourself.

At the end of the day check whether you accomplished all the task you set out to do. If you have not then put it the list.

Enjoy the feeling you feel after you accomplish the task.Think about the next goal and start planning for it.

7. Be balanced.

Manage your time in such a way you that feel balanced and in control. Make room for everything you want to do and love to do.

Create time slots for creativity and fun,for family and friends.

Be balanced in whatever you do.

Benefits of time management:

Time management benefits all who apply it. Time management is very useful for college kids,students,teachers or businessman etc. I would any one who wants to get more out of their life should invest in learning about time management. It’s a skill which is going to help you in the long run.

  • You become more productive.
  • You certainly will be more happy.
  • Huge self confidence.
  • Financial freedom in the future.
  • You will live a life of quality.


“Time and tide waits for no man.”

Wise old saying.

You should not worry and linger upon the time you have lost but put your energy and thoughts into constructing something beautiful with the time you have in your hand.

Time is precious,don’t believe me ask a man who has aged a lot ,who has grown old ,ask him what would he do if he were to be able to turn himself youthful again.

I have asked and I certainly find one answer that relates to this article and that is “I WOULD NOT HAVE WASTED MY TIME ON THINGS THAT DID NOT MATTER ,I WOULD HAVE USED MY TIME MORE WISELY.”

For a more detailed dive into time management you should definitely check out: Mind tools.

Be happy ,Be peaceful.Be productive.

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