Best Vipassana meditation center in Sikkim: How to register online

Vipassana Mediation technique is one of the most ancient meditation technique with beauty of it’s own.To learn and practice this technique you need to register online for a 10 day course in a vipassana center .

There are 206 Vipassana meditation centers worldwide and fortunately 2 centers Dhamma Sineru and Dhamma Sikkim are located in Sikkim.

The people of Sikkim already being blessed with Sikkim’s blooming nature , are even more fortunate to have access to such a wonderful meditation technique such as Vipassana Meditation for their spiritual growth.

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As I said before there are two Best vipassana meditation centers in Sikkim and quite frankly i’m much more into Dhamma Sineru more than Dhamma Sikkim,i’m not saying one is better and other is less better,nope.

Sikkim is all in one package, you get to cherish nature every where you go.It’s just that the natural scenario from Dhamma Sineru is just mind blowing.

Dhamma Sineru: Best vipassana meditation center in Sikkim

dhamma sineru
Dhamma Sineru

FYI: Sineru in ancient pali language means mountain,forming the center of the world. Sineru is also called Sumeru in Sanskrit language.

Dhamma sineru is located in upper samdong ,East Sikkim ,India.The place is also called Gyanalakha.

The center has a main dhamma hall where the meditation technique is taught and where actual practice takes place.

There are two dormitories for male and female meditators which has the capacity to accommodate 12 meditators each and the center also provides accommodations with twin sharing basis for both male and female meditators.

The center has two mini Dhamma halls and one main dhamma hall.

The center provides courses mainly in three different languages which are English, Hindi and Nepali.

The best thing about meditating in Dhamma Sineru is it’s perfect natural environment.

The center and the mountains!
The mixed pictures!!

The center is engulfed by nature.

Early morning views of the mountains ,the crystal clear blue sky ,fresh breathable air,the peacefulness and the calmness of the place will keep you motivated and focused on the task at hand.

the view of the mountain from dhamma sineru

To participate in 10 day meditation course you need to register online.

I will guide you on how to do that:

How to apply online for 10 day vipassana course.

To learn this meditation technique,it’s mandatory to apply for a 10 day course.

you may ask why 10 day??

well the answer is because it’s an ancient technique and quite different from other meditation techniques.

It requires you some time to actually understand and get established in the meditation technique.

Like learning any new skill requires you some time, a teacher,a place etc,

To learn vipassana is no different, you need the right environment, a teacher,and continuous practice.

Now to apply online for 10 day vipassansa course follow these steps:

  1. Google Dhamma Sineru course schedule or
  2. Click on courses
  3. look for 10 day courses according the current year.
  4. You will see when the courses are going to be held and whether the seats are available or not.
  5. If available in the month you desire ,click apply
  6. Fill out the form provided there.
  7. Wait for your conformation email, it does not take much time.
  8. You are all set.

Here is some additional information on how to reach Sikkim and how to reach the office of vipassana center in Gangtok.

follow the steps to reach Sikkim
a simple info graphic

If you want to apply for a course in any other center then follow the following steps:

  1. Google
  2. Select courses
  3. In the search bar type the name of the region or the center you want to apply for.
  4. Fill out the form provided there.
  5. Wait for the conformation mail.

That’s how you can register online for a 10 day meditation course.


We all have questions and we all search for answers but the truth is most of the time we are searching for the answers in the wrong direction.

All that you require is a little leap of faith and you can transform your entire life.

Vipassana Meditation is one of the best things that has happened in my life and i can surely say it will also be the best thing in your life too.

Hope this post helps you in every way it can!!

Do share your feedback in the comment box below!!

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