What Is The Best Time To Meditate:Keep Getting Better.

Early morning meditation
Every morning is the gift of life.

Meditation is an important tool that can be used to live a better life and in this busy world of our’s it gets quite difficult to find the best time to meditate.

Since ancient times morning hours are said to have big impact on the quality of our life and today even research provides us with the same information.

Lets get into the details:

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What Is The Best Time To Meditate

Top meditation centers all around the world suggest that morning hours are the best time to meditate and be more productive.

Scientific results also point out the facts that getting up early can have a huge impact on how you live your life.

The time between 4 AM and 9 AM is considered too be very powerful because of the following reasons:

Scientists in the field of neurological research have found out very intersting facts about how the brain functions in the morning:

  1. The brain produces waves which are electrical patterns.
  2. In the morning hours the mind seems to work at 10.5 waves per second
  3. This state is known as the alpha state
  4. And it’s been called the gateway to subconscious mind.

This is what the research says.

The other reasons why you should meditate in the mornings are:

You are free from disturbing thoughts in the morning .

The air is fresh and the environment is peaceful.

You are less like to be disturbed by emails, texts and phone calls.

The mind calms down faster as the brain functions at a higher frequency.

You set a positive vibe around you for the day.

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The other best time to meditate is the evening hour:

Best Time To Meditate: Evening Hour

The evening hours are best to meditate because you will be tired by all the hard work that you have done all day.

Meditation in the evening will help you relax and get your energy back.

You will get good sleep and feel well rested in the morning.

A wise man once said you should never take your work into your home and your home to your office.

You can meditate when you think it’s best for you in the evening.


Morning hours are the best time to be more productive and add positive vibe towards your day.

Evening meditation sessions will help you be more relaxed and also help you in having a good time with your friends and family.

It may take some time to build the habit and you don’t need to rush.

You will get into the rhythm sooner or later.

I wish you good luck with your journey.

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4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Time To Meditate:Keep Getting Better.”

  1. I agree, Shamir! I always find the early morning to be the easiest and most valuable hour of meditation. You’re right: no email, no texts, and no noise. Even if I find the evenings difficult, the mornings always work for me! 🙂

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