The One Best Book On Vipassana Meditation For Beginners

Vipassana means insight or the ability to see things as they are. Vipassana meditation is a very different type of meditation technique.

You have to go for a 10 day vipassana retreat to learn this technique.Now 10 days is a very big amount of time to sacrifice and not many can do that. Maybe even you can’t do that.

But if you are curious and excited to know and actually practice this technique , this post is for you.Although there are many books on vipassana there is something missing in them and that’s the “how to do Vipassana Meditation part”.

But I found the one book that totally explains you how to do Vipassana in a very simple language.


Mindfulness in plain English By Henepola Gunaratana

Henepola Gunaratana was ordained as a Buddhist monk at the age of 12 at a small village in Sri Lanka. The book was first published in 1991.

High Praise for the book include “bible of mindfulness” by Barry Boyce ,editor of Mindful magazine.

“Mindfulness In Plain English” is the best book out there if you want to learn and understand Vipassana Meditation without going to the center for 10 Days.

Although the book has many other perks but One of the best things about this book is it’s language. It’s very easy and plain , very easy to digest.

Why read Mindfulness in plain English

Beginner practitioners , new to the technique of Vipassana Meditation find it really hard to understand the technique and stop midway. This book is a great help for your journey,as it has been for me.

In this book the author talks about the necessary stuff, the most important stuff that appears simple but is the most important factor in your meditation practice.

The books starts gently by making you understand what Meditation actually is as people have misunderstood meditation in many ways nowadays. The book even has a chapter on what meditation is not” to make the reader/practitioner understand what meditation truly is.

The big part is the technique part, yes the book give you the real technique of vipassana so that you can keep the practice as you read. A great plus point.

The technique teaches you what you need to do with your body, the mind and how to structure your meditation practice so that it is highly effective.

Guidelines on how to deal with distractions in your daily practice is also one of the best plus points of this book as you and I as a meditator know very well how distractions drive us away from our daily practice.

Overall the book is a best seller and is one of the best books on Vipassana meditation.

Get your hand on the book mindfulness on plain english

You can get the book directly from the link below.

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