9 Things you must improve everyday , Jim Rohn.

Truth be told , Success is hard, Life is tough. You are not going to get any shortcuts and magic pills to give you the success you want.

Jim Rohn says ” You don’t achieve success, You attract success”. And there are 9 things you must improve everyday in your life if you are serious about being successful.

What does it mean to be successful? What’s your idea of success? Do you picture being rich as successful ? Your idea of success is what will help you achieve it.

So, lets get right into Jim Rohns advise .

Learn the power of purpose.

What is it you want in your life? What is the big picture?

Purpose pull you through all kinds of challenges and hardships you will face in your life. Have a vision of what you want in your life. What you do affects every portion of your life.

If you are going through life without purpose, it’s a waste of your life. It’s very important to find out what you want. Life won’t get easy, and if you don’t have a purpose in your life , even a bad day will easily eat you up.

Get to know yourself, find what you want and commit to achieving it. A person who has purpose in their life has something meaningful to put his energy and time on. After all life just some amount of time and some amount of energy.

It’s going to pass anyway, right!! But what do you want to do , what do you want to devote yourself to in your life so that it adds to your life more happiness, more character, more joy.

Do you wish to just drift through life? If not work on your purpose. Redefine it, reshape it if it needs to with time.

Self Confidence

Self confidence comes from the lack of neglect. You don’t do your small daily tasks for a month boom you will definitely have confidence disease.

Achieve daily, do something everyday, that’s the key to self confidence. The compound effect will work for you. But do something daily and it need not be something that difficult. But doing is important, don’t be stagnant.

Who will believe you if you don’t believe yourself. World is full of critics and people will question your vision, your ideas. And if you don’t have self confidence , you won’t be able to do much , achieve much in your life.

Daily work on improving your self confidence, by taking action daily.


Enthusiasm is of two types, enthusiasm from the inside and the enthusiasm from the outside. Let 90% of your enthusiasm come from the inside , and 10% from the outside.

The enthusiasm that truly affects people, touches heart is the enthusiasm from the inside. Have you ever felt so enthusiastic about something , a idea , a thought or anything. If you have had that kind of experience you will certainly relate to it.

It makes you feel powerful, confident and you feel like you can achieve anything. Learn to be more enthusiastic about things, or tasks.


If you are willing to be the best in your field, do the best you can do, Success is yours. Work on your skills, be it financial skills, leadership skills, sales skills, management skills, make a commitment to be the expert in your field.

Expertise comes when you act on a certain skill consistently. Practice your skills everyday, invest time in your skillset.

Be well prepared.

Most of the time in our life we prepare, to get into college you need to complete high school. High school is you just preparing for the college.

So do you prepare for success?

Life does not wish to waste success on the unprepared. Life says why waste a fortune on this unprepared person.They won’t do the right thing, they won’t use it wisely. They won’t get the most out of this success.

If you aren’t prepared for success, you won’t get any. Life is not designed to give us want we need or want , it’s designed to give us what we deserve.

Do you deserve success? What have you done to be successful? How have you prepared?

Be ready for anything, be prepared for challenges, for opportunities.

Self reliance

Self reliance means you mostly look to yourself, primarily rely on yourself. Life would be great if people would do everything for us, but it’s not.

There is great power in self reliance. Primarily say I’m the person responsibility. Learn to count on yourself.

Never complain and never explain. Take responsibility for your life cause no one else is going to do that for you.

Imrove your Image

The image you put out to other people is important and powerful. If people can see you as someone who is in control of your life, your situations , your finances , is powerful.

People will want to be around you. If they see you as a leader. That image will help you make connections, be influential.

But more than that the image you have of yourself is much more important. Look in the mirror and see how you feel about yourself.

Develop Character

Becoming a person of high value, a person of principles , a person of honesty,is the character you should strive for and develop.

Your character to do the right thing is important for your self image as well as the image you portray outwards.

Work on your character, everyday.

Self Discipline.

Sometimes it’s easy to say and not not do the task we are set to. But most of the time it’s a bad idea. You must have the self discipline to do your task, your job whether someone is checking on you or not.

We need to rely on different people in our life especially if we are working as a team, do you have the self discipline to get the job done.

It’s really important to work on self discipline , and keep developing it every day.

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