7 Best ways To Wake up early:Good habits for life

good morning coffee
Morning coffee

Waking up early can be difficult and you may have failed in the past” but after going through various books i found the 7 Best ways to wake up early , which i will share with you today.

Before we start i want you to know i once was a night owl but not any more. Things have changed.

If you follow the steps that i provide you with i can assure you that things will change for you too.

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How to wake up early?

There are many ways and tips and tricks to get up early but i have come up with 7 best and golden ways by which you can change your waking habits.

That being said here is the first one:

Figure out:why you want to wake up early:

This is the part most of the people ignore and thus they can’t seem to get anywhere with the change they want to make.

Look at your life and ask yourself is this really what i need right now?

If the answer is yes than keep digging further and know how bad you want to succeed in this goal that you have set.

By doing this you will have real inspiration which you will need a lot bring out the change you are seeking.

Now that you have figured out the why lets move on with the next step.

Write down your goal before going to bed.

This may seem silly to you but what i have come to realize after reading many different self help books and watching videos of successful people is this simple step of writing down your goal.

Yes write down your goals because it directs your mind to focus on the things that you want to accomplish.

All the successful people in the world give a common advise and that is write down your goals.

After you have written down your goals let’s move on to the next step.

Visualize your goal Of Waking Up Early.

This part is easy and important too.After you have written down your goals and you have lied down on your bed do this.

Close your eyes , relax your self and start to visualize yourself achieving the goal.

Don’t just visualize yourself waking up but also visualize each and every aspect of the goal Which obviously is the whole process.

The difficulty you face, the temptation to go back into the bed and cover yourself with blankets , don’t skip these parts but also visualize yourself overcoming these parts.

Now the fourth step .

Setting Up The Alarm

What a easy task : setting up the alarm .

alarm clock
The morning alarm:rarely used now a days!!

Well the thing is the task is so easy we never put enough thought on what’s the right way to setting up an alarm.

Keep these things in mind before setting up the alarm ;

  1. Select a good tone
  2. The alarm tone you choose is a important factor .
  3. The best tone would be something inspirational or motivational.
  4. Remember the mind has just woken up, don’t feed something that is too irritating.
  5. Don’t hit the snooze.

Well don’t the snooze ,this is a tricky part, makes our next topic.

Don’t Hit The Snooze

The snooze oh how much i used to love it once !!

But the truth be told hitting the snooze has been one of the biggest regrets in my life and i don’t want you to make the same ones.

“Wise men learn from other men mistakes”. I now you are wise!!

According to a speaker “The time frame to act upon any thought that we have is likely to be 10 seconds or even 5 for others”.

What she means is that if you have a immediate thought and if you don’t act right away you are likely to procrastinate.

So to beat ” hit the snooze” trick of your mind you need to act right away.

It may take some while to beat this snooze trick but keeping yourself motivated is the key.

Let’s move on to the next part which is the sixth step:

Don’t overthink It

Famous speaker JIM Rohn has said that there are two ways to approach life the timid and the brave.

The timid is the one who overthinks every thing and so he is less likely to take action. It’s a very miserable way to approach life.

The brave is the one who goes for it. Have the attitude to go for it.

Don’t overthink it , just take the stand and throw off the blankets and get out of your bed.

The sooner you develop this habit the better it is.

Arrange the Bed And other little things

Yes my dear friend , that’s the first thing you should after you get out of your bed. And here’s why :

The mind has all sorts of tricks to bring you down.

If you arranging your bed is the first thing you do than you are less likely to get back there and cover yourself self with blankets.

After all the hard work half of your goal is achieved but there is still more to it.

follow these steps right away after that:

  1. Brush your teeth and wash your face.
  2. Do some push ups
  3. Stroll outside in the fresh cool air.
  4. Have water or tea.
  5. You are all set!!!

Now it’s all up to your willpower and dedication.But before that i will provide you with some extra tips.

Bonus Tips To Get Up Early

Here are few more steps that will help you achieve you goal:

  1. Sleep well
  2. Don’t drink coffee at night
  3. Drink water half an hour before bed
  4. Cut yourself from distracting noises while you sleep
  5. Nourish your mind with good thoughts
  6. Mediate
  7. Listen to podcasts

Getting up early in the mornings will enrich the quality of your life in countless ways.

I know it’s difficult at first but it’s worth trying and coming out successful.

Before heading on towards developing this life habit knowing precisely why you should develop this habit will help you take this goal more seriously.

Don’t worry i will cover that too.

Why Wake Up Early

Getting up early is one the best good habits that you can develop in your life here’s why:

According to research people who wake up early are less likely to be a patient of depression and rest are as follows:

  1. You have the time to organise your day.
  2. You remain active .
  3. Your health will improve.
  4. You can invest time in your self
  5. You become more calm
  6. Reduced stress level
  7. Positivity fills you.

The list could go on and on and the good part is these benefits are your’s to claim so here’s my question to you why shouldn’t you wake up in the morning?


The choice is your’s to make , and the actions are yours to take.

Make your decision and start to take control of your life.

Waking up early will definitely change the quality of your life .

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